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How to Choose the Right Face Foam?

Many girls do not spare money for care serums or creams, without thinking at the same time about quality cosmetics for cleaning the skin. When it comes time to buy a foam or cleansing gel, such a purchase is often spontaneous, without researching the composition of the product and its compatibility with the skin type. This cannot but affect the condition of the skin, leading to its stress. To avoid this, you need to be responsible when choosing cosmetics for cleaning. Foaming cleanser are delicate products that gently cleanse the skin of all types of impurities: dust, decorative cosmetics and excess sebum. At the same time, they contribute to maintaining the hydrolipidic balance, preventing dehydration of the skin. Advantages Foaming Cleanser Preservation...

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Skin sebum: What is it and how to regulate its production?

Features of sebum production by the skin greatly affect its condition. Peeling, black spots, greasy shine are only a small part of the problems caused by insufficient knowledge of your body and inappropriate care.What is skin sebum? Sebum (sebum) is a secretion secreted by the sebaceous glands, a necessary product to maintain a healthy skin condition. It is a mixture of lipids that performs, first of all, a barrier function: it protects the epidermis from dust, ultraviolet light and the negative effects of the environment. Also, thanks to it, the skin looks moisturized, because the lack of sebum always leads to peeling. Another important function is bactericidal. Thanks to unsaturated fatty acids, which are natural antiseptics, sebum blocks the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.Normally, an...

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What Are Exfoliants and Does Your Skin Need Them?

Regular cleansing of the skin from the accumulated dead cells is extremely important, because they can clog the pores and form areas on the surface of the epidermis that are very flaky. In order not to suffer from such consequences later and not to look for the nearest free window at your cosmetologist, just use exfoliants.What are exfoliants and what are they like?  Exfoliants are cosmetic products or substances, the main action of which is aimed at removing keratinized particles of the skin. They can be conditionally divided into several types: 1. Mechanical. These include everyone's favorite face scrubs. They often have a gel-like or creamy texture and contain natural or synthetic exfoliating particles. When choosing mechanical peeling, cosmetologists recommend giving preference...

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