Hyalual Gel WOW Eyes Mask

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Hyalual Gel WOW Eyes Mask

WOW Eyes -  Tightens, Smooths and Tones Sensitive Skin Around the Eyes - Perfect Eyes Skin Care Removes Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Puffiness.

Created with our newly developed Transdermal Cosmetics Delivery

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Hyalual Gel WOW Eyes Mask
Hyalual Gel WOW Eyes Mask
Hyalual Gel WOW Eyes Mask
Hyalual Gel WOW Eyes Mask




sufficient, quick (5-20 mins) and natural improvement of periorbital skin appearance.

TIGHTENS - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
SMOOTH - Reduces swelling, baggy skin and dark circles
TONES - Promotes a more even skin tone
SOOTHES - Minimizes puffiness around the eyes by soothing the inflammation
EASY to use - Just apply the gel eye make and leave for 20 minutes. Can even be reused up to 6 times. Green friendly

Reusable gel patch for eyes can be used up to 7 times with plastic container.

WOW Eyes contains YY molecule: hydrolyzed proteins, rice bran, soy protein and oxidoreductase and Hyalual® Bio-Code: unique combination of Biopeptides and hyaluronic acid.




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