Anti Acne Gel Purifiant 200 ml

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Anti Acne Gel Purifiant 200 ml

Cleansing gel for oily skin
200 ml
Silky gel for delicate cleansing of oily, problematic skin. It does not irritate
the inflamed skin with acne and does not dry it. The gel removes pollutions
and the remaining make-up. It promotes the prevention of acne, removes
the oily shine. The gel has a sebo-regulating effect and at the same time
moisturizes oily skin.
Complex AcnetTM, complex TrikenolTM Plus, salicylic acid.

Complex (France*)
It is developed for prophylaxis and treatment of acne of various
etiology. The complex consists of two active components:
oleanolic and nordihydroguaiaretic acids obtained with the
biotechnological methods.
• It inhibits 5-α reductase and fights with skin sebum
• It cleans and releases clogged pores
• Eliminates hyperkeratosis
• It decreases the number of inflammatory elements

Complex Trikenol Plus (Spain*)
Plant complex based on eve extracts Salix alba and tea tree
which suppress development of pathogenic flora on skin and
tea tree which suppress pathogenic flora on the skin.
• It normalizes secretory function of sebaceous glands
• It has a persistent antifungal, antibacterial and
antimicrobial action
• It reduces skin irritation suppressing production
of inflammation mediators
• It has a hydrating, cohesive, analgesic action

Apply a small gel amount on your face in the morning and evening, rinse with water.

Instruction for use

In the morning and in the evening apply a small quantity of the gel on the face, then rinse with water.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

In a plastic bottle (volume 200 ml), with dispenser and cap.

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Anti Acne Gel Purifiant 200 ml



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