Why You Need Anti-stress Cosmetics

In some cases, stress is useful and helps us accumulate resources to, for example, achieve a goal. But if it turns into a chronic stage, it has a bad effect on our emotional state, physical health and, of course, on the skin. Today we will talk about it: how stress affects the epidermis, what problems can arise because of it, and what solutions modern cosmetology offers.
How the skin reacts to stress
 When we feel stressed, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are produced in the body. One of their main tasks is the maximum mobilization of internal resources: the heartbeat increases, the energy level and reaction speed increase, which allows us to react quickly to external stimuli or circumstances.
 Frequent stress and hormonal imbalance negatively affects many things: insomnia appears, chronic diseases worsen, you feel apathy, and even the reflection in the mirror ceases to please you. Cortisol suppresses the synthesis of our natural hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for retaining moisture in the epidermis, and collagen, one of the most important proteins for our skin. It is he who is responsible for its elasticity, smoothness, elasticity and regeneration. When the skin lacks "building" elements, metabolic processes are disturbed in it and the protective function decreases.
What changes does it threaten:
  • the skin becomes more dehydrated and dry, elasticity is lost, wrinkles and creases appear;
  •  sensitivity to any irritants and susceptibility to free radicals, which accelerate the aging process, increases;
  • the color of the face becomes dull;
  •  it is difficult for the skin to cope with bacteria, rashes and acne appear;
  •  stress also affects blood vessels, they become more vulnerable, local redness may appear on the skin, and in some cases, couperosis and rosacea may develop.
 However, not only stress affects the condition of the skin. Negative factors also include bad habits, hypodynamism, ecology, unbalanced nutrition, etc. In general, our skin has a hard time, because it has to fight with many "enemies", both obvious and more hidden ones. It is good that cosmetology does not stand still and tries to find a solution for almost any problem.
What are anti-stress cosmetics in a nutshell
 The harmful effects of stress on the skin, of course, have not gone unnoticed by dermatologists and cosmetologists. The solution was to find such products and formulas that will help to cope with the consequences of negative experiences that affect the condition of our epidermis. So, actually, the concept of "anti-stress cosmetics" appeared. Of course, it is not something like an antidepressant, and it does not affect our psyche in any way, but it helps to restore the skin faster after stress, increase its elasticity and protective function.
 What is the difference between anti-stress cosmetics and ordinary ones?
Its feature is an optimal combination of active ingredients (among them peptides, plant extracts, antibacterial and rejuvenating components) aimed at combating the effects of stress.
 Products labeled "antistress" can be presented in a wide variety of formats — from serums, tonics, gels and face creams to masks and shampoos against hair breakage and hair loss. Usually, such products have pronounced antioxidant and soothing properties, restore the skin's natural barrier and reduce its sensitivity, thereby increasing resistance to various irritants, deeply nourish and moisturize, restoring elasticity and elasticity to the dermis.