Washing is the most important stage of skin cleansing. It will be difficult to achieve good results if this process is missing in the daily beauty ritual. Cleansing the skin is relatively easy - it is enough to use your favorite cosmetic product that cleanses with water.
 What is the best water to wash your face with? Many women prefer to use anything other than plain tap water: ice, mineral or ionized water, with or without gas.
 It is believed that specially treated water or water cooled to a low temperature (including ice water) improves the tone of the skin, rejuvenates it, narrows the pores, and gives a beautiful color to the skin. How true is this and which water is better for washing the face?
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Ionized Water
 A special device - an ionizer - is used to obtain ionized water. In the process of processing the liquid, it is exposed to weak electric charges and silver ions. At this moment, all harmful microorganisms are removed, the water is disinfected, and its structure changes.
 Ionized water is a popular solution for cleansing the body of impurities, detox, reducing the acidity of food products. Ionized water is well absorbed by skin cells and is excellent for washing. But there may be a problem if you are prone to allergic reactions.
Mineral Water
 Mineral water is enriched with various trace elements. Will they benefit the skin or can they cause harm? In order for useful substances from mineral water to penetrate the skin, it is necessary to first remove the barrier of keratinized cells of the epidermis, which make up the upper layer of the skin. Under normal conditions, this does not happen, so it is not advisable to use mineral water to enrich the skin with useful substances.
 But washing with mineral water also has advantages:
  •  such water is soft, does not dry the skin;
  •  mineral water does not cause allergies;
  •  washing helps to eliminate greasy shine, to apply a matte coating to the skin.
 If you have oily skin, use mineral water for washing - it will help narrow pores and give your face a well-groomed appearance without shine.
Sparkling water
 Ordinary carbonated water does not have the properties of a mineral analogue, and the content of carbon dioxide in it is unlikely to be a strong argument in favor of such a choice. There is no particular sense in conditionally carbonated water - you will not be able to achieve any bright results.
 Washing with cold water or ice cubes will improve blood circulation, increase skin tone, and solve the problems of excessively oily skin and rashes. Ice can be made from an infusion of medicinal herbs, and anti-inflammatory plant extracts can be added to the water. The most common plants are suitable - chamomile, calendula, sage, echinacea, thyme. To lighten the skin, add cucumber juice to the water before freezing. Ice cubes can be stored in the freezer. It is best to use them in the warm season.
Universal option
 Use ordinary boiled water. When boiling, the hardness of water decreases, it becomes softer, does not tighten and does not dry the skin. Magnesium and calcium salts are removed from the liquid, which have a negative effect on the skin.
 What should the water temperature be? Cool it to room temperature. Do not wash with very cold water in winter, and try not to use hot water for washing at all.
 Can you wash your face with ordinary tap water? If you do not have special dermatological problems, such water will not cause any harm. Much more important will be the choice of cleaning agent and means for further care. The hardness of tap water is easily leveled with moisturizing and nourishing creams.
 How often should you wash your face? At least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Moreover, the importance of morning washing should not be underestimated - it is no less important than evening facial cleansing procedures.
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