What Is Niacinamide And How Is It Good For The Skin?

 With the popularity of Korean cosmetics, we increasingly hear about niacinamide - a unique component that moisturizes, promotes rejuvenation and helps in the fight against acne. What is niacinamide, how it is useful for our skin and how quickly the result of its use is visible - learn in our material.Autography
 Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin B3, an active component of new generation cosmetics, responsible for cell renewal of the skin. Why is it necessary to renew the skin? To improve its elasticity, get rid of age spots and acne, even out color and texture.
 We can get niacinamide with food, but it is also included in skin care products, because it has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant properties. Due to the fact that niacinamide nourishes the skin, relieving inflammation and redness, it is often compared to retinol.
 Niacinamide acts similarly, strengthening the skin barrier, but its initial effect does not cause sensitivity and irritation. Also acts as an antioxidant, removing free radical damage. What's more, it also moisturizes. Niacinamide prevents transepidermal water loss and enhances the ability of other moisturizing ingredients to do the same.Autography
 To get the most out of niacinamide in your skin care, use it in the form of a cream, lotion, or serum—these are products that will stay on the skin for a long time, unlike cleansers that quickly disappear from the skin's surface. Studies have shown that niacinamide penetrates well into the skin and is easily absorbed, so you need to give the skin time to absorb it and for it to start working.
 Niacinamide can be used at any time of the day and, as a rule, niacinamide is easily combined with other remedies. Usually, serums are the most effective because they contain the highest concentrations of active substances.

 Although the effects of some products containing niacinamide are visible after two weeks, most results will have to wait four weeks or more. Remember that spots do not form in two days, so you should not expect them to disappear quickly in a couple of days. If you notice a quick result, it is most likely due to an additional ingredient in the composition, designed for a temporary quick effect, which is sometimes very necessary.