The Main Stages Of Skin Cleansing

Cleansing the skin of the face is a mandatory stage of the daily ritual of home facial care. Moreover, it should be carried out both in the evening - to remove a large amount of pollution, and in the morning - to eliminate excess skin fat, night cream, remove traces of sleep and wake up the skin.
Facial cleansing is a complex procedure that includes mandatory stages. We talk about the 5 stages of skin cleansing further in the material.
1. The foundation of cleaning is makeup removal
 Make-up removal should be done before going to bed or at the end of the working day. Use for this, for example, micellar water - a light and effective tool developed by Korean cosmetologists.
 It helps to get rid of makeup residue. In addition, the skin is cleansed of sweat, fat, and dust. Failure to remove makeup leads to accumulation of dirt on the skin, clogging of pores, development of inflammatory processes, deterioration of complexion, formation of black dots and acne.
2. For ideal cleanliness
 You should not wash with ordinary soap, because it dries the skin and can cause its redness.
 In the process of washing, do not rub your face and do not use a hard towel to dry it. Moisten the skin with water, apply a small amount of detergent, having previously rubbed it in the palms. 
 Foams and gels are applied to the skin with light movements, forming an air foam on the skin. It will quickly and effectively remove all impurities and is also easily washed off with water. The use of foam allows you to provide the skin with good antioxidant protection, protect it from premature aging and dryness.
3. Toning - for freshness and beauty
 This procedure helps to normalize the Ph-balance of the skin, make it elastic, even out the relief, and improve the color.
 How to use tonic? It is applied to a cotton pad, wetting the base well. The face and neck are carefully wiped with the resulting "napkin". At the same time, do not stretch the skin, do not press on it.
4. For active care - application of serum
 Another procedure helps to improve the condition of the skin, prevent its dehydration, and protect it from external influences. What stages of facial cleansing are used for this? Use serum - a product saturated with active ingredients, the action of which is aimed at the general improvement of the condition of the skin and its rejuvenation.
 The product must be selected individually, taking into account the needs of the epidermis. Serums are presented in a variety of options - whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging.
5. The correct completion of the care ritual is the application of cream
 Stages of cleaning the skin in the morning and in the evening imply the use of a day or night cream. The tool should also be selected individually, taking into account the age, type of coating, and its needs. For your attention - moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging creams.
 The product is applied to the skin with light movements without rubbing and remains for absorption. Remains of the day cream can be removed with a napkin, gently wiping the face with it. The night cream provides intensive nourishment to the skin.
ADDITIONAL - Stages of deep cleansing of the skin!
Once a week, you can supplement the care ritual with means for deep cleaning - masks, scrubs, peeling. It is necessary to apply such cosmetics strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
 Masks are applied after toning the skin, and after its removal from the face, the tonic application procedure is repeated. Scrubs and peelings are also used after washing.