Summer Care Mistakes

We have collected the TOP of the most common mistakes of summer care here. We hope you don't do them )) 

Check it out for sure!

1️⃣ Do not touch your face with your hands!

Never, and especially in the summer.

In moments when we mindlessly touch the skin, hands and face are dirty. In summer, the face sweats more, dust, cosmetics - we spread all this dirt with our hands over the skin.

2️⃣ Lack of sun protection

The sun is the main enemy of our skin. If the UV index is above two, a cream with SPF is required.

3️⃣ Wrong sun protection

In the morning you put on an SPF cream and stay with it all day under the open sun.

If in total you spend more than two hours in the open sun and at the same time the UV index is above two, the SPF must be updated every 2 hours.

4️⃣ Many layers of cosmetics

Serum + Day Cream + SPF Cream + Foundation.

We are against piling up layers of cosmetics, especially in the heat.

Choose a cream with SPF that will replace your daily cream. This will allow you not to weigh down the skin with layers of creams.

5️⃣ Lack of skin care

Another extreme, this time, so as not to weigh down the skin in the heat. Basic care is required.

This is a wash gel + tonic, eye and face creams.

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6️⃣ Winter cream

In spring and summer, we review our care and update it. We replace the heavier and denser winter cream with a lighter texture (emulsion, gel).

We also take into account the composition: there may be components in the winter cream that are unacceptable for the summer season.

7️⃣ Uncontrolled use of acids

Acids are our friends and helpers, but only if they are used correctly. In the summer you need to be especially careful with them. Thoughtless use will lead to disastrous consequences, which are not always possible to eliminate.

8️⃣ Scrub - enemy

Especially based on natural ingredients (apricot kernels, coffee etc.). It injures the skin, creates microtraumas, which leads to the appearance of new problems or aggravation of existing ones. Choose enzyme peels. This is the best exfoliating option in the summer!

9️⃣ Abuse of thermal water

We want to refresh and hydrate the skin in summer. Many choose thermal water for this. But it does NOT moisturize the skin. Evaporating, it draws its own moisture from the skin. Do not use thermal water more than 2-3 times a day, otherwise it can lead to dehydration.

Did you find any mistakes? Which ones?

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