Sooner or later? Tips For Girls Aged 12-99!

1️⃣ Do not forget about hygiene

We introduce the сleanser into care from the age of 12-14, when the sebaceous glands begin to work actively. Tonic can be done at the same time (if there is dryness, oiliness, rashes, and other problems), or later (by the age of 18-20). It is better to consult a specialist - a cosmetologist or a dermatologist.


2️⃣ Protect your skin

It takes on all the impacts on the environment. Unlike the rest of the body, the face is always open. Frosts, winds, precipitation, temperature changes, sunlight, ecology - all these do not affect her without a trace.


We will protect ourselves with cream (with SPF in summer, of course). Can enter a face cream from 18 years. If it's frosty/active sun outside, even a child needs a protective baby cream.


3️⃣ Masks and peels can be connected from adolescence

Peeling renews the skin, makes it fresh and healthy.

Masks allow to solve narrow problems. In adolescence, these can be rashes, in mature age - age-related changes.


4️⃣ Facial massage is an effective and safe way to rejuvenate

It is better to start from the age of 25. Even if you don't have wrinkles and have a well-defined face, the tendency to edema (which most people have) will speed up the aging process. And with massage we will delay this process.


5️⃣ Healthy sleep

Cool airy room, comfortable sleeping place. The best “beauty pillow” is the one that is comfortable for you to sleep on, and not for an advertising blogger.

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