SkinCare in the Cold Season

Even owners of oily and normal skin may experience dryness, redness, and irritation in winter. What can we say about those whose skin is dry! Therefore, today we will talk about how to preserve beauty in extreme conditions of temperature changes, dry air indoors and frosty wind outside.
The first thing to say is that the skin type remains the same throughout the year, but in the winter any of them becomes a little drier. Therefore, it is not necessary to radically change the care of the face, and if necessary, you can use products that are a little denser than usual. For example, if your skin is oily, switch to light makeup for a combination type. If dry, use care for very dry. And so on.

A few more features:
  • As a winter night cream, moisturizing and nourishing products are suitable, for example, with hyaluronic acid, natural extracts.
  •  The main task of the day cream is to protect the face from weather factors: wind and frost. For this, products with components included in the natural hydrolipidic layer are good: vitamin E, fatty acids, algae extracts, natural oils.
  • On the good side: in winter, we have access to many procedures that cannot be done in summer. First of all, these are home peels and acid care.
Stages of skin care in the winter
 Let's take a step-by-step look at how to take care of it at this time and what tools will help you survive the winter with maximum comfort.
At any time of the year, the face should not be cleaned to a creak, and especially now, when we need the natural hydrolipidic layer more than ever.
 If you are comfortable, you can use the same cleanser as always. And if you feel tightness or irritation after washing, change your product to a milder one.
If you're not already convinced of the need to tone your face after every wash, add a soothing tonic or toner to your regimen this winter and you'll immediately feel the difference.Autography
Hydration, nutrition, protection
If at other times of the year you use one cream in the morning and in the evening, in winter it is advisable to switch to two:
  •  in the morning, apply a product with a protective function;
  •  in the evening — moisturizing, nourishing.
Not because the moisture in the moisturizing cream "freezes outside" - it is impossible, because it is heated by our body. And in principle, there is water in any cream and in the very cells of the epidermis. And because the protective cream will not allow the wind, frost and overdried air in the premises to dry the skin of the face even more. And during the night, she will have time to get full and recover.
 Additional care
Winter is a great time to pamper your face with various care procedures: serums, emulsions, masks, cleansing cosmetics.
 If you feel the need, you can now do your favorite nourishing and moisturizing masks more often - up to 2-3 times a week. And apply serums/emulsions as usual, under the cream.
 Among other procedures, acid-based peels are good in winter. AHA — for all skin types, BHA — for oily and problem skin. And, of course, facial massage, useful at any time of the year. It is especially good in winter, as it activates blood circulation and, with this, epidermal cells receive more nutrition.