Should You Use An Aqua Gel Mask Every Day?

The short answer is sure, go ahead. However, there are a couple of catches. About them read below.

Hydrogel mask is a type of sheet mask that has a gel-like texture that feels pleasing and soothing on the skin. This soft texture also allows the mask to adhere to the skin comfortably. Compared to cotton sheet masks, it also provides a more cooling and refreshing feeling on your face. Most Hydrogel masks tend to be infused with skin-loving ingredients and nutrients like hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Aqua Gel Mask

Yes, it’s fine to use aqua gel mask every day as long as it’s not a glycolic acid-containing mask. Why? Using masks formulated with exfoliating acids, like glycolic, are too strong for daily use and can cause irritation.

However, those who are acne-prone shouldn't sheet mask every day. It can sometimes aggravate acne because it is occlusive and can block pores. This can cause bacteria to grow on skin. Instead, we recommends using a sheet mask only once a week if you have are susceptible to breakouts.

Not acne-prone? Using an aqua gel mask every day can help boost your skin's hydration levels. It helps push the ingredients into the skin. It's like using a super-powered moisturizer every day rather than a regular moisturizer. 

Also, if you have sensitive skin, this masks are a good option because they have fewer preservatives and have fewer chances of causing irritation.

It is important to pick out the best hydrogel mask to effectively pamper your skin. As for which masks to use, we suggest looking specifically for hydrating hyaluronic acid. Ones with ceramides also.

If you're hoping to brighten your skin, though, try daily sheet masking with ones that include niacinamide or/and vitamin C.

The essences infused in the face masks melt at body temperature to release concentrated active ingredients directly into your skin, deeply nourishing it.

Ready to challenge yourself to use a mask every day? 

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Aqua Gel Mask