Serum or Cream?

Many beauties are beginning to replace the day cream with serum. Is it correct? Why do we need serum? 

We answer all these questions in this article. Only 5 minutes of your time, and so much good!

What to choose - serum or cream?

Well, both products.

If there are restrictions on the budget, then the cream.

The cream is a base, an essential product for daily care. But the serum - no, this is an addition to the cream.

The main task of the cream is to protect the skin. Protection from frost, winds, temperature changes, dry indoor air, environmental influences in winter. In the summer it's the opposite. The skin is tested for strength by heat and humidity. This leads to sunburn, excessive sweating, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation. Often negative changes are caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Facial serum

The main task of the serum is to INTENSIVELY influence a narrow problem, for example:

- deeply moisturize the skin

- shrink pores

- get rid of breakouts

- soothe the skin

- lighten pigmentation

- smooth the skin texture

- give the skin a healthy color and inner glow

- get rid of spider veins, strengthen the walls of blood vessels - smooth the skin, tighten the oval of the face

How to use?

Washed face ➟ wiped face with lotion ➟ applied serum ➟ let it soak for 2-3 minutes ➟ applied cream.