Sea, Waves, Sun.. How Not To Harm Your Skin?

More on this below, as well as what to take with you on vacation :)


Many girls prefer to use travel versions of cosmetic products, and many brands have ready-made cosmetic bags (very convenient, take up little space), but not all of their favorite products are available in mono doses.. What to do?


You can just buy an empty travel kit and pour your favorite and proven products in it! In addition to the product with SPF, we take it in full, so that it is enough and your tan is safe ;)


What Do We Need To Take?


🔸 The most important thing is a product with SPF for the face and body separately (for the skin of the face, choose light, non-comedogenic)


Never use body SPF on your face! This is fraught with inflammation and acne.


🔸 Cleanser (gel, foam, milk)

🔸 Tonic/toner (at the discretion)

🔸 Thermal spray, gel

🔸 Moisturizing cream or cream according to skin type

🔸 SOS products (to restore the skin after sunburn)


Still, of course, you can and should take your favorite face masks! This is both an SOS remedy and an instant effect.

For example, your favorites in the photo below :)

summer skin care