Rating of the Best Pore Narrowing Products

Sebaceous glands perform several important functions at once: they secrete sebum (skin fat), remove toxins and ensure cell respiration. But there is one problem: in owners of combination and oily skin, their ducts (pores) can expand and become noticeable.
 This happens due to the fact that dirt, cosmetic residues, keratinized cells of the epidermis accumulate in them, due to which their walls expand, black spots and inflammation appear. How to narrow them down? Let's consider different ways.AutographyIf you want them to look less noticeable, then you need to follow a comprehensive approach — choose healthy food, clean and moisturize your skin daily, and regularly exfoliate.
What components to look for in cosmetics:
ANA and RNA help clean the surface of the skin, lighten existing black spots. For more intensive and deep work, BHA-salicylic acid is ideal. Only it can penetrate the ducts to clean them from the inside, softening the sebaceous plug.

Vitamins A and C
Often found in hand soaps, as well as creams and tonics designed to narrow pores. Vitamins A, C and their derivatives activate the natural production of collagen, and the skin becomes smooth. The denser and more elastic it will be, the less noticeable irregularities will beAutographyHyaluronic acid
Moisturized skin flattens out like a wilted flower placed in a vase. As a result, pores are reduced, wrinkles are smoothed. The effect is temporary, but if you constantly take care of hydration and do not let the skin dry out, imperfections will be invisible.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
Promotes the production of ceramides (substances that make up the skin's protective barrier). As a result, the epidermis does not dry out, and its cells are renewed faster. It has been proven that niacinamide provides elasticity and smoothness, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

Clay, coal, volcanic ash are super absorbent. They absorb excess skin fat, including partially extracting it from the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to this, the skin becomes smooth and matte. Can be part of masks, washing products.AutographyOf course, any care will be effective only if you use it for a certain time. And if you need a wow effect right now, for example, on the eve of an important event, a primer is good for masking large pores. It creates a thin film that fills in unevenness, and the foundation goes on perfectly smoothly.