Night Cream: Choosing the Right One

Regular use of night cream is necessary for people over the age of thirty. This is an average statistic. In fact, everything is individual and very much depends on your skin type and its characteristics.
Night creams are designed to nourish and moisturize your skin while you sleep. It has been proven that the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients, moisturizing and other substances is at its peak at night, therefore, using a night cream will help the skin to recover. It is exposed to sunlight, free radicals, dirty air, substances contained in decorative cosmetics and so on throughout the day.
Aurography night cream
Beneficial properties of night cream:
  •  Nourishes the skin and increases its tone;
  •  Deeply moisturizes the skin;
  •  Soothes the skin;
  •  Provides a more even tone and improves skin structure;
  •  Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
  •  Improves blood circulation;
  •  Reduces wrinkles, reduces the areas of its discoloration;
  •  Prevents stretching and sagging of the skin;
  •  Softens the skin and makes it more elastic;
  •  Improves the condition of aging skin;
  •  Stimulates the renewal of skin cells.
The active ingredients of night creams nourish and restore the skin, but do not protect it, since the impact of harmful substances on it at night is minimized (of course, if you sleep at home and do not walk around the city).
Aurography night cream

How to Use
First, study the recommendations of cosmetologists on how to properly apply night cream for the face: along which lines, at what time, dosage, frequency, course of application. If you ignore these tips, you can not only not feel the effect of the chosen product (sometimes very expensive), but also harm your own skin. Therefore, be extremely careful.

Like these:
  1. Such a product should be applied immediately before bedtime, and approximately 40-60 minutes before it, so that the consistency has time to penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis.
  2.  First, wash your face, clean your face of make-up and the dirt accumulated during the day.
  3.  Apply the cream in a thin, neat layer along the massage lines after cleansing. It is not necessary to rub it.
  4.  Now you can rest, relax and not disturb the facial muscles with excessive facial expressions. A minimum of emotions at this time will be a guarantee of the effectiveness of the product applied at night.
  5.  After half an hour, blot your face with a paper napkin to make sure that there are no cream left on the skin, that it has been completely absorbed and has already started to work.
  6.  You need to do this every day.
  7.  After a few months, it is recommended to change the product so that the skin does not get used to the same composition, otherwise it will simply stop reacting to it.
    Aurography night cream
How to Choose a Night Cream
As with any other cream, it is very important to choose a night cream that suits your skin type. Avoid too thick creams - they can clog the pores so much that the skin cannot breathe normally.
Regardless of skin type, it is advisable to give preference to hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic creams that do not contain fragrances. Among the creams that meet these criteria, choose based on the instructions on the label, for which type of skin this cream is intended, as well as taking into account your age.
For example, our hyaluronic acid cream is universal and works well for any skin type.