Niacinamide: Super Cosmetic Ingredient That Can Do Anything!

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Niacinamide or nicotinic acid is a water-soluble vitamin B3.

It is responsible for several processes in the body:

▫️ converts food into energy,

▫️ stimulates blood circulation,

▫️ has anti-inflammatory effect,

▫️ provides protection to skin and liver tissues,

▫️ it affects the visual acuity and the quality of the hair.


Locally, the substance acts as a powerful antioxidant, disinfects the skin and fights pathogenic bacteria. But above all, it is valued for the fact that it actively stimulates blood circulation, due to which vital regenerative processes are launched in skin cells.

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Vitamin B3 has a wide range of effects on the skin:

✔️ restores the barrier function of the dermis, leveling peeling, irritation and dehydration;

✔️ improves complexion, removes dullness;

✔️ reduces redness, relieves inflammation;

✔️ fights acne;

✔️ lightens age spots and post-acne;

✔️ slows down the aging process (antioxidant);

✔️ increases the elasticity of the skin;

✔️ tightens pores;

✔️ keeps the skin matte.


Can it really do everything?


As part of skin care products, niacinamide helps to strengthen the protective hydrolipidic barrier of the stratum corneum and thereby prevents dehydration and loss of moisture from the deep layers.


It also reduces the impact of negative environmental factors and has an anti-aging effect - so that she looks healthier and fresher, younger.


This cosmetic component can do everything!

Where it is contained - the answer is in the photo below;)

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