Micellar Water: More Than A Makeup Remover

Micellar water is the best beauty industry tool! Similar headlines began to dominate the tabloids of France in the 1990s. And this time, loud statements by marketers were not devoid of scientific and medical grounds. So, about everything in turn.

What is the secret?

As usual - in the formula! The composition of micellar water includes microscopic particles of surface-active substances (surfactants), which form micelles when the optimal concentration is reached.

The main "miracle" is their structure, which includes 2 poles. One is attracted to water, and the other repels it, while at the same time attracting fat. Thus, micelles are a kind of balls, inside which all impurities dissolve. Then it remains only to lightly wipe the skin with a cotton pad.

Age restrictions

Even in those distant times in France, micellar water was used to clean the skin of small children. It also shows itself excellently in relation to aged skin, due to which it is quite reasonable to claim that there are no clear frameworks provided there is no individual sensitivity to the ingredients.

Can micellar water be used daily?

In the absence of the aforementioned negative skin reactions - yes. But to limit care exclusively to her is not. After all, cleaning is only one of the 5 main stages of skin care.

The appearance of the first signs of aging, exposure to the sun, the appearance of pigmentation, acne and rashes - each of these problems requires a separate set of products and an individual approach.

Autography Micellar Facial Water

Micellar water from Autography Aesthetics is a product that has passed a number of checks and tests by various specialists, including dermatologists:

✔️Gently removes make-up from the face;

✔️Acts like a magnet, attracting the remains of cosmetics and daytime dirt;

✔️Does not dry the skin;

✔️Surface-active substances are within acceptable limits to ensure high-quality and skin-safe cleaning;

✔️Convenient dispenser for application on a cotton pad.

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