Makeup Removal: Step-by-step Instruction

You're standing in the bathroom after a busy day, putting your hair up in a bun and getting ready to remove your makeup. Where do we start?
Step 1. Eyes and lips
To remove ordinary mascara and lipstick, it is enough to treat the eyelashes, the skin of the eyelids and the lips with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water, selected according to the type of your skin. If you need to "defeat" resistant products, use products with oils in the composition - milk or a two-phase product.
  Important: Water-based products work well with surface pollution, oil-based products are able to deeply clean pores from persistent decorative products, pollution, sebum and products with SPF. Oils and silicones can only be removed with an oil-based product.
 Remember that makeup removal is a chemical process, not a mechanical one. Therefore, when removing cosmetics from the eyes or lips, there is no need to press or intensively rub the skin. Wet a cotton pad in makeup remover and apply it to the eyelids for 5-10 seconds. Then you can gently remove the makeup.
 Lifehack. If you need to erase the eyeliner in the area where the eyelashes grow, use a cotton swab or a cotton pad folded three times to form a sharp "corner". Gently run it along the upper and lower lashes to remove eyeliner or eye shadow residue.
Step 2. Facial skin
When the lips and eyes are cleaned, we take care of the face and neck. You can choose any means for removing simple make-up, but for permanent make-up, only oil-based products.
 If you choose a two-phase product or milk for makeup removal, soak a cotton pad with it and begin to carefully remove the makeup along the massage lines, without stretching the skin. Use as many disks as you need until you see it completely clean.
 If you take oil or balm for makeup removal, apply them to dry skin, gently massage it for 1-2 minutes, so that the cosmetics begin to dissolve. Then add a little water and continue washing for another minute (this point is not needed for the balm). Then you can completely wash off the rest of the cosmetics.
After that, complete the cleaning by washing with foam or gel, even if the manufacturer writes on the jar that you can not wash off.