Hydrogel Mask: Why Do You Need A Collagen In It?

These unique masks are hydrating, soothing, and feel like a little slice of spa heaven. We are talking about hydrogel masks, of course!

And if you will add a collagen.. Beauty experts everywhere rave about the amazing results in just one 30-minute session—but are they serious?

Not all masks provide the same benefits, so it’s important to consider the ingredients, company philosophy, and the desired experience when choosing the best collagen hydrogel mask for you.

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What About The Benefits?

It literally means more water and moisturizers that possess this labeling may contain increased occlusive agents to trap more water in the skin. The formulation has a higher viscosity and leaves behind a more noticeable, longer-lasting film.

Hydrogel masks are ultra-concentrated and optimize absorption, hydrogel masks make a great super-boost for your skin, working like a targeted treatment for any routine.

Because collagen hydrogel masks can hold up to 500 times its weight in liquids, there is room to jam-pack them with a range of premium ingredients such as marine collagen.

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Tips for Using a Hydrogel Mask

To use, tilt your head back and lay the mask flush against your skin. Press gently on the areas surrounding the eyes, nose, and mouth for complete contact. Allow the mask to sit for 20-30 minutes, or until you feel the mask begin to shrivel up (that’s the nutrients being absorbed into your skin).

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