Face cream is one of the most sought-after care components. At first glance, the cream is perfect - it helps solve various dermatological problems, is easy to use. But in order for the cream to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to use it correctly. Improper application of the product on the face can cause early signs of skin aging.
 How to apply face cream?
There are several important rules for applying face cream that should always be followed:
  •  applying the cream to the face is carried out only after thorough cleansing of the skin - first remove makeup using special products and wash;
  •  after washing, treat your face with tonic - in this way you will balance the pH of the skin and help the active components of the cream penetrate better into the skin structures;
  •  the cream is not rubbed into the skin - it is applied with the pads of the fingers with light, gentle movements strictly along the massage lines;
  •  do not apply a large amount of cream on the face - 1-2 pea-sized amounts of the product are enough to apply to the entire face; if the cream is still applied more than necessary, and it did not have time to absorb - after 10 minutes, wipe off the excess with a napkin.
 Mistake 1: applying the cream not according to the pattern of massage lines. What are massage lines and why should you follow them when applying the cream? The dermis contains bundles of elastin and collagen fibers (which are responsible for the tightness and elasticity of the skin). They intersect in the form of rhombuses, the long borders of which are called massage lines. Massage according to this scheme helps to avoid excessive stretching of the skin, which allows you to maintain a beautiful, toned contour of the face for a long time.
 Mistake 2: too little interval between applying the cream and sleeping. In the evening, the cream is applied before going to bed, ideally - 2 hours in advance, the minimum interval - half an hour before going to bed. Night cream has a denser consistency, absorbs longer. It will need more time to absorb into the  skin, otherwise it will remain on the bedding.
 Mistake 3: applying cream to the face without prior cleansing and toning. How to properly apply day cream on the face? Common opinion - in the morning, the cream can be immediately distributed on the skin. But washing and toning are just as necessary in the morning as in the evening. Yes, there is no makeup on the face, but there are other impurities. And you must get rid of them.
 Mistake 4: improper application of moisturizing and nourishing creams. One of the most common questions is when to apply a moisturizer and when to apply a nourishing face cream? There is a simple rule: if the air temperature outside is below +7 Celsius, use a nourishing cream in the morning, and a moisturizing one in the evening (this technique is suitable for care in winter and in the cold season). If the temperature is above 7 degrees, moisturize in the morning, and nourish in the evening (this approach is relevant for the summer season).
 Mistake 5: choosing a cream without taking into account the type of skin. It is not worth applying a cream with an inappropriate composition and texture for the skin. For oily skin, choose products with a light consistency - emulsions, liquid creams, gels, serums. To care for dry skin, use richer creams with wax, oils, and silicone. Be sure to read the label - the manufacturer indicates for which type of skin the product is intended.

Five simple mistakes that can significantly affect the condition of the skin, showing signs of aging, making the face flabby, inflamed, flaky or too oily. Knowing how to use a moisturizing cream, nutrients, day and night options of creams, you will definitely avoid such consequences.