How to Get Rid of an Oily Sheen on the Skin

Even a dry skin type can be prone to oiliness, for example, in the T-zone. A completely oily type upsets its owners with regular rashes up to the formation of acne. The shiny "film" on the face is also not pleasing, which is often difficult to hide with cosmetics. Let's figure out the causes of greasy shine and get rid of it forever.
Causes of skin oiliness
Sebaceous glands work in everyone with different intensity. For normal skin, the formation of sebum is characteristic only in some areas, and for oily skin - almost all over the face. The secretion mixes with dust, dead skin particles, which leads to clogging of pores and inflammation.
 A fat face looks unaesthetic, but this is the least of the problems. Clogged pores are a direct path to blackheads. If the pore cannot secrete, subcutaneous inflammation occurs. The most unpleasant problem is acne: it can leave scars on the face.
 Teenagers suffer the most from facial fat — due to hormonal changes, the skin ceases to look as cute and attractive as a child's
 However, in adults, the skin can secrete a lot of secretions for other reasons:
  • improper care;
  • hormonal disorders;
  •  overweight;
  •  food with a lot of spicy, fatty, sweet food;
  •  climate, environment;
  • heredity
AutographyProblems with hormones can only be corrected by a doctor! But if everything is fine with your health, then you can eliminate greasy shine with cosmetic products. And, of course, do not abuse the wrong food, give up bad habits and choose good care
If you have an oily skin type and have already had time to suffer because of the features, remember the pros. Oily skin stays young longer because it is less prone to wrinkles. It also has a protective film that prevents moisture from evaporating. Therefore, let the prospect of extended youth please you.
A life hack for quickly eliminating oily shine
 Owners of oily skin face the fact that a few hours after finishing the make-up, the face starts to shine. Over time, the shine shows even through several layers of matte products. How to quickly eliminate it:
  1.  Use matting powder without pigment instead of foundation. The cream has a greasy texture, which is not good for pores. And the powder will create a protective barrier that will "absorb" sebum. You can also "bake" the makeup in problem areas with a few strokes of a cosmetic brush with powder applied to it.
  2.  Carry matting wipes with you. They will allow you to remove the shine in just a few seconds. Suitable if you use mostly dry products.
  3.  Apply makeup fixer. It contains drying components that will slightly reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  4.  Wash with ordinary soap. It does not contain moisturizing components, so it will be an option for express drying. But you should not use this life hack often: you will simply dry out the skin.
 These recommendations remove the symptoms, but do not solve the underlying problem. The main thing in the fight against oily shine is to choose the appropriate care.
Removal of oily shine from the face
 Cosmetologists recommend two-stage care: cleansing the face of sebum and moisturizing. Yes, even oily skin cannot be over-dried! It will respond with even greater secretion and a denser film on the face.

  1. The first step is deep cleansing Use products without parabens and alcohol. Use exfoliation 1-2 times a week. On combination skin, exfoliant is used no more than once a week, you can limit yourself to problem areas.
  2.  The second step is comprehensive care Skin care is easy to provide with the help of masks and moisturizing cream with a light texture. Fatty products are contraindicated because they clog pores. Apply a small amount to cleansed skin until completely absorbed.
 A tonic or toner is suitable as a quick "assistant" in eliminating greasy shine. The product is an ideal solution for oily skin: dries, cools and nourishes. It can be applied both on top of makeup and on cleansed skin.
 Don't forget the matting wipes. They do not have a strong ability to absorb fat, which is not bad for the cold season, when the skin does not produce much sebum. In hot weather, it is better to give up foundation altogether, replacing it with cushion or rice powder.
 If the problem of oily skin is not related to the endocrine system or heredity, it can be combated with cosmetic products. In other cases, care will only reduce the problem, but not solve it. Therefore, be sure to check your health with a doctor if no remedy can rid you of an abundant oily sheen on your face.