How To Choose A Facial Mask?

The main task of a facial mask is to work with a specific problem (for example, rashes, dehydration, irritation, age-related changes, pigmentation).

This is a point solution to the problem. The result must be visible. Whether it works or not is clear almost immediately.

Select the mask according to the task:

✔️ hydration

✔️ cleansing

✔️ narrowing of pores

✔️ make your face radiant and fresh

✔️ lightening pigmentation

✔️ rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction

✔️ lifting effect

✔️ strengthens the walls of blood vessels

If there are several tasks, the masks can be combined with each other. You can alternate both days and zones on the skin.

You can have one or more masks in your arsenal.

The better to do them 2 times a week with an equal interval.

Facial mask

How To Use?

Do not walk around with a facial mask. It is better to take a horizontal position. Our task is to deceive the force of gravity, not to help it. Lie down and have a rest. You can listen to meditation, music or thoughts in the head ))

What To Start With?

A moisturizing mask should be in the arsenal of every girl. It is especially important to moisturize the skin with a mask if you have a cleansing or drying mask once a week.


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