First Aid: What You Need To Know About Patches

Patches - cosmetic plasters impregnated with useful substances, have not gone out of fashion for several years. Beauty brands offer lip patches, breakout mini patches, and even body contouring patches. However, the most popular type of mask-stickers remain patches for the area around the eyes - an SOS tool for removing swelling, moisturizing, and smoothing the skin.

What kinds of patches are there?

Sheet and hydrogel patches are distinguished by the material of the base. The first resemble sheet face masks, the second have a jelly-like texture.

According to the problem, patches can be divided into patches for swelling, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, moisturizing patches, soothing patches, etc.

Patches for removing or reducing swelling were the first to appear. You can recognize them by the anti-puffiness note on the package.

eye patches

How often should patches be used? And how long to keep on the skin?

The regularity of using the patches depends on two factors: the manufacturer's recommendations and the condition of your skin. Some patches can be used daily, some - once every few days. On average, it is 3-5 times a week.

Be sure to read the instructions for use of the tool. If it is written on the package that the patches should be kept for 10 to 20 minutes, then it is advisable not to overdo them.

The optimal exposure is 30-45 minutes, the maximum is an hour, if this is justified by the condition of your skin.

Who are the patches contraindicated for?

In general, there are no contraindications to the use of patches. However, if you are prone to dermatitis, be careful with patches based on retinol and other irritants. If you are allergic to peptides, choose those products whose formula does not include them. For people who often suffer from conjunctivitis, it is better not to apply patches (especially hydrogel patches) too close to the eye, so that the gel does not get on the mucous membrane.

To find out if the patches are right for you, order a trial pair (if the manufacturer has such packaging) or take a few from a friend or girlfriend who already uses them.

Hydrogel eye patches

How to remove the patches correctly?

The package with patches always indicates what to do after use. Sometimes it is recommended to distribute the remaining product over the skin with massage movements. Some manufacturers warn that the excess gel from the patches should be removed with a cotton pad, and the skin should be cleaned with a tonic. Follow these guidelines, especially if you plan to apply makeup afterward. The thing is that the gel film that will remain after the patches can slide off, and with it - your concealer or foundation.

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