Face creams are a volume product segment, divided into several categories. You should carefully study its specificity and purpose when choosing a cream. Face creams are divided into groups according to several criteria, among which are the time of day for application and the main purpose.
1. Classification by time of use: main types of face creams
There are day and night facial creams.
Day facial cream is cosmetics designed to protect against the effects of environmental factors, including ultraviolet rays, temperature changes, frost, wind, and heat. Day creams help moisturize the skin and preserve moisture in its structures. In most cases, day creams have a light and delicate consistency.
What components are included in the composition of day creams? Most often, to perform the functions of the tool, it is saturated with:
  •  vitamins A, C, E, F, which help to slow down the aging of the skin, reduce wrinkles, remove free radicals, protect the skin, moisturize it, restore elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
  • a UV filter, the index of which should not be lower than 15 - it provides protection of the skin from destruction under the influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • hyaluronic acid or plant extracts, which contribute to the retention of moisture in the skin;
  •  oleic and linolenic acids restore the barrier properties of the skin.
The night facial cream is applied to the skin at night and is intended for intensive nutrition, regeneration of the skin, deep moisturizing and relief of fatigue. It should not protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and frost, but should provide the person with full care.
At night, the active components of the cream penetrate deeply into the dermis. They help restore skin tone, renew cells, even out tone, and improve blood circulation. The formula of the night cream is saturated, which affects the texture -they are denser, heavier, and absorbed more slowly.
2. Classification by purpose: types of creams for all occasions
 They can be divided into groups, among which there are the most demanded and popular:
  •  moisturizing creams;
  •  nourishing creams;
  •  anti-aging care.
 Moisturizing face cream is one of the main types of this segment of cosmetics. The product helps restore elasticity to the skin, saturates the skin with moisture, and helps keep it in the skin structures. Moisturizing cream helps to visually level small skin imperfections, including wrinkles.
 Nourishing face cream can be both night and day. Day options are lighter, emulsified. The formulas of night nourishing creams are based on the content of a high concentration of fats (up to 70%). The main purpose of the nourishing cream is to ensure full nutrition of the skin and its saturation with active substances. Day versions may also contain protective and moisturizing components.
 Antiaging creams are a rescue from skin aging and an effective way to prolong its youth. There are products for use at different ages - they differ in composition and intensity of influence. Starting from the age of 30, when the skin is already directly familiar with maturity, such care becomes necessary.
  Most often, cosmetologists recommend using anti-aging creams, which include:
  •  hyaluronic acid;
  •  АНА and BНА acids;
  •  coenzyme Q10, collagen, vitamins E and C, vitamin A.
 These components help moisturize the skin, increase its firmness and elasticity, eliminate inflammation, smooth out wrinkles and remove the causes of their appearance. They have pronounced regenerating properties, exfoliate keratinized skin cells, rejuvenate, even out tone and texture.
  For example, we recommend paying attention to our new creams:
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 They include effective components that are described above. Suitable for all skin types, they are universal. All because their main function is moisturizing. Hydrated skin = healthy and elastic skin.