Collagen Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen is one of the building materials of our skin, on which elasticity and elasticity depend. It creates a framework for the skin and plays the same role as springs in a mattress. But later, the collagen level decreases, the skin becomes flabby and loses its elasticity.
We will tell you today how to restore a sufficient level of collagen.

Normally, the collagen in the skin is destroyed and replaced by a new one. Its formation occurs thanks to sex hormones: estrogens in women, testosterone in men. That is why after 30 years, the level of collagen in women decreases, and the processes of its destruction prevail over the processes of new formation.
 Collagen can also deteriorate as a result of free radical processes in the skin that occur as a result of the action of ultraviolet light. This process is called photoaging. The skin becomes flabby and loses its elasticity.Autography Collagen Skin Rejuvenation
 Sugar also plays a major role in the destruction of collagen cells. When an excess of glucose appears in the body, it partially settles on collagen fibers. They "caramelize", due to which they lose their flexibility and elasticity, and the skin becomes limp and flabby. This process is called collagen glycation. That is why the first step to preserving the youth of the skin is a balanced diet.

In order to restore lost collagen, it is important to understand what it is made of. Its structure consists of three amino acids, two of which our body produces independently, but the third (lysine) enters the body only with food. The source of this amino acid is eggs, red meat and legumes. And vitamin C is also needed to build collagen from these three amino acids.Autography Collagen Skin Rejuvenation

If you drink partially split (hydrolyzed) collagen, the level of amino acids in the blood increases faster. After all, they still end up in the bloodstream. Partially hydrolyzed collagen is known to everyone - gelatin. You can add it to fruit puree and make jelly - it will combine vitamin C with the amino acids of collagen.
 Although this still does not guarantee that the amino acids will reach the fibroblasts of the skin and not become a source of energy or muscles, for example. Because the skin is far from the most important organ for our body, and nutrients reach it almost in the last place.
 Therefore, we can help the skin to restore sufficient protein levels with collagen cosmetics and treatments. For example, our masks contain collagen of the highest quality, which is absorbed by the skin.