Collagen: Inside or Outside?

Everyone knows that collagen production slows down with age. And, unfortunately, not only beauty and youth suffer, but the whole organism: the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, wrinkles appear, blood vessels, muscles, bones, joints and other organs suffer.

Collagen is a protein that allows the skin to stretch and contract, affecting its elasticity. In cosmetology, collagen is mainly used to moisturize and smooth the skin.

It holds water on the surface, creating an invisible film that attracts water and prevents it from evaporating. Upon contact with the environment (that is, when applied to the skin), collagen breaks down into small molecules that are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, unlike a huge collagen molecule, and participate in the synthesis of new collagen molecules.

It is important to understand that collagen from a cream is not able to integrate into the skin and increase its elasticity. But at the same time, of course, the presence of collagen in the cream improves the overall condition of the skin (this is due to a firming effect and intense hydration).

Collagen facial mask

What Collagen Is Contained In Cosmetics?

A collagen molecule can be produced by any living being, even a virus and a bacterium. But plants can't. Therefore, there is no plant collagen!

Collagen of animal origin is dangerous for humans. But fish collagen is closest to us! Therefore, in cosmetology, either synthesized collagen (by chemical or biotechnological means) or collagen of marine origin is used.

collagen cosmetic

Should Collagen Be Taken Orally For Skin?

At all seminars and conferences, a huge number of world-renowned scientists and cosmetologists agree on one opinion: collagen (and hyaluronic acid) when taken orally on the skin does not have a significant effect. But for the joints - yes!

When you drink collagen, it is broken down into amino acids in the stomach. Further, he analyzes the importance of tasks in the digestive tract and, first of all, directs his action to construction where it is especially important at the moment for the body. For example, on the joints.

Skin aging is not a priority, so if anything comes through, there will be a nice bonus. But, as a rule, very little reaches the skin to see significant changes. If we are talking about cosmetics, then it contains components that accelerate the synthesis of collagen.

For example, our face masks. They not only contain collagen, but also substances that contribute to its synthesis. Instant WOW effect and skin improvement from regular use.