Collagen For Skin: A Detailed Guide

Collagen is a filamentous protein that forms the basis of connective tissue. And it, for its part, is "responsible" for the elasticity of the skin, the health of joints, cartilage, and the strength of nails and teeth. The body produces less and less collagen with age, which leads to brittle hair and loss of skin turgor.
 And these are one of the first signs of aging that can and should be fought! That is why products with extra collagen, which compensates for the lack of protein in the body, are so popular today.
Effect of collagen on skin
In a word, positive. In more detail, collagen is the "framework" of skin cells. It is he who combines them into one whole, giving the opportunity to stretch and return to the original form. A sufficient amount of protein accelerates regeneration processes, thanks to which the skin looks healthy, elastic, smooth and radiant.
 Collagen is also very important for young skin. It promotes the self-repair of the epidermis: if there is enough protein in the cells, then scars, scratches, postacne heal faster and leave fewer traces.
Food products that promote collagen production
Our body independently synthesizes this protein. So if you're a young, healthy person, rest assured, you don't need special supplements. But you can include in the diet some products that contain natural collagen or contribute to its production:
  •  bone broth;
  •  gelatin;
  •  egg white;
  •  meat of fish, chicken, beef;
  •  seafood.
 And in citrus fruits, nuts, bright vegetables (lettuce, sweet pepper, carrots) there are amino acids, from which the body can "build" the necessary protein itself.
What collagen to choose for skin
If we are not talking about bio-additives, but about cosmetic products, then there is practically no difference between the types of collagen. The fact is that its molecule cannot penetrate deep into the skin: it remains on the surface, creating a thin film. Collagen retains moisture, which has a positive effect on the condition of the dermis. The composition of the means may include protein of different origin, but its properties will be approximately the same.
 It is best to buy ready-made cosmetics with collagen: creams, serums, patches, masks, etc. Complex treatments will also be effective. Use the products according to the manufacturer's instructions, eat well and get enough sleep - then your skin will definitely be healthy and elastic!
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