Ceramides For Beauty In Skincare Cosmetics

 Ceramides play an incredibly important role in maintaining the health of the skin and its appearance. However, one often hears questions about how exactly they work in skin care products. We will explain the role of ceramides in cosmetics in this article.
 Facts About Ceramides 
  •   Ceramides make up approximately 50% of the skin's lipids, which help form its protective barrier, the important function of which is to keep moisture inside and prevent external allergens and irritants from passing through.
  •   When the amount of ceramides decreases, the skin becomes dry, dull in appearance, cracks and a feeling of tightness may appear.
  •   Daily use of care products with ceramides has benefits for any skin type: oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive.
What is the Skin's Protective Barrier?
 The top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, is often called the skin's protective barrier. It consists of cells, corneocytes, as well as a lipid intercellular matrix. The lipid matrix has an important function - to retain the necessary moisture in the skin. Approximately 50% of the lipid matrix is made up of ceramides, 25% - cholesterol, 10-25% - fatty acids.
 So why is this barrier so important to maintaining healthy skin? The barrier function of the skin is to create an obstacle between the internal environment of the body and the environment. In other words, your protective skin barrier is necessary to protect the body from environmental factors and moisture loss.
How Can Ceramides Affect Your Skin?
 Ceramides act as the "glue" that holds skin cells together - like cement for bricks (your skin cells). As we already know, ceramides help to maintain the balance and functionality of the skin's protective barrier - thanks to the ability to retain moisture inside and prevent external irritants from entering. Your skin normally contains a significant amount of ceramides, but due to the action of certain factors (damage to the skin due to sunlight, physiological aging), the amount of ceramides in the skin can decrease over time.
 When the strength of the skin's protective barrier decreases (which can occur due to a decrease in the amount of ceramides), the skin can become dry, irritated, have a dull appearance, and cracks can appear on it.
 Weakening of the skin's protective barrier can play a role in the development of several pathological skin conditions, such as eczema and atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and many others. Research findings also confirm that a weakening of the skin's protective barrier may be associated with acne.
 The right selection of skin care products helps maintain ceramide levels and optimal skin barrier function - to ensure a sense of comfort, health and good looks.
Benefits Of Ceramides
 In fact, there are many of them, but the main ones:
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