BEAUTY-refrigerator: Which Cosmetics Should Be Stored In The Cold?

What to do if the manufacturer specified significantly lower temperature parameters for storage of means than is currently available? The optimal solution is to use a refrigerator. What cosmetics should be stored in the refrigerator? We tell here.


Usually perfumes are kept either on the dressing table, which is acceptable, or on the shelf in the bathroom, which is actually a worse beauty crime than going to bed with makeup on. Temperature changes and high humidity reduce the life of the fragrance and contribute to its rapid evaporation. But cold and darkness, on the contrary, continue its stability.


In order for medicinal cosmetics to be effective, it must be stored according to all the rules, especially temperature rules. Many active components stop working due to overheating. Carefully read the instructions for the drugs and do not leave them in the sun.

Face mask


Whether it's face cream, eye patches, or masks or sprays, it's best to store them in a cool place and protect them from sunlight. When cooled, they work with double power, and when heated, on the contrary, they lose their effect.


It doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter outside, any products containing vitamin C should be stored in the refrigerator. At room temperature, the vitamin quickly oxidizes and breaks down, which changes the formula of the product and makes it ineffective.


Usually, such cosmetics are stored for a short time and require special storage conditions. Natural ingredients can deteriorate from high temperatures and quickly oxidize in the air. Like vitamin serums, natural cosmetics should be kept cool.


Surprisingly, sunscreen is actually better stored in the refrigerator. It's okay if the tool lies on the hot sand under the scorching sun all day, but if it's at home, it's better to remove it in the cold. This will slow down the breakdown of the UV blocking ingredients and help the cream last until the next use.

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