At What Age Should You Use Anti-aging Cosmetics?

Anti-age (or anti-aging) cosmetics are products aimed at combating the signs of skin aging. The main target of such products is wrinkles, sagging skin, excessive dryness and age spots.

The demand for antiaging products continues to grow. And the main question is when to start using it?

About Aging As It Is

The aging process can be conventionally divided into two types: natural aging and premature aging, i.e. deterioration of the skin under the influence of polluted air, stress and other negative factors. At the same time, the contribution of genetics to the speed of skin aging is only 20%. The rest depends on your lifestyle and habits.

The first stage of aging usually begins after 25. Usually from this age, the skin begins to lose moisture and produce less sebum, so it becomes less elastic and more prone to wrinkles.

In 10 years, at the second stage of aging, the deeper, dermal, layer of the skin undergoes negative changes. The synthesis of hyaluronic acid slows down, collagen and elastin fibers weaken, the skin begins to sag. Deeper wrinkles are formed, in particular in the areas of active facial expressions - for example, around the eyes.

At the third stage, which tentatively starts in another 10 years, muscle tissues lose their tone, and the skin gradually sags. The contour of the face becomes less clear, deep nasolabial folds appear.

Current Skin Needs

Such an aging algorithm is schematic and rather superficial. Therefore, you should choose cosmetics not according to the age in the passport, but according to the actual needs of the skin. Especially since at 40 you can look the same 40, and you can look 30 or 50.

Markers of aging, especially in its second and third stages, can change places due to the peculiarities of the skin constitution. Everything is individual: someone needs products with an anti-aging effect at the age of 18, and someone at 30. A specialist will help you determine whether you need anti-aging care and choose the right one.

Can Anti-age Cosmetics Be Used For Prevention?

  • If the formulas of these products are not aggressive, and you have such a desire, then why not. The skin will take from the composition of your cream exactly what it needs at that moment, and filter out the rest.
  • To understand whether you need anti-aging care, pay attention to what you see in the mirror. If you are 26 and you already have sagging skin (for example, from sudden weight gain and loss), feel free to add products with a lifting effect to your care.
  • Maybe you're in your 20s and you're tired all the time, you're rarely out in the fresh air and you don't get enough sleep - so why not help your skin now? 
  • Prevention of aging is a contribution to the future, because it is much easier to prevent unpleasant consequences than to deal with them later.