Aloe Cosmetics Secrets

 Aloe is an extraordinary plant. Due to its almost magical properties, the juice and extract are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. What is the use of aloe vera cosmetics? Let's reveal all the secrets of the super ingredient.
 Healing properties of aloe vera
From the dense leaves of aloe, which is popularly called centenary, juice is extracted, which contains useful components: trace elements, mineral salts, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E; antioxidants and many other useful substances.
 Recent cosmetic studies with aloe have shown that:
  • aloe juice penetrates the skin 4 times faster than water;
  •  the extract forms a protective film that helps to avoid dehydration;
  •  aloe soothes and stimulates the regeneration of irritated and damaged skin;
  •  the plant activates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and therefore promotes rejuvenation.
Antiinflammatory properties
 Aloe is added to cosmetics to fight skin inflammation, for example, acne or acne. They are affected by phytohormones: gibberellin and auxin. Also, the juice of the plant is able to kill some bacteria, so it can be used as an antibacterial agent.
 Where it is used: skin cleansing cosmetics, anti-inflammatory creams and gels.
Healing properties
Aloe has long been used to treat wounds and burns. The juice and leaves contain biostimulants that accelerate tissue regeneration at the cellular level.
In addition to its anti-inflammatory effect, the plant promotes the healing of shallow wounds. The juice contains polysaccharides necessary for the growth of new cells. It helps to smooth out existing scars and stretch marks, and also helps to prevent their appearance.
 Where it is used: in care products for dry and irritated skin - cream, gel, balm for the face, hands and lips.
Moisturizing properties
Aloe does the best job of moisturizing. The juice is well absorbed, penetrating deep into the tissues and leaving no greasy traces. Also, aloe is hypoallergenic, so it is often added to cosmetics for sensitive skin.
 Where it is used: in cosmetics for daily care and protection of the skin from external factors, in decorative products.
Antiaging properties
Aloe juice contains vitamins C and E, which are natural antioxidants. They saturate cells with nutrients, preventing aging.
 Where it is used: in anti-aging creams, masks, various care oils.
 What are your favorite products with aloe extract?