5 Morning Rituals That Will Help Make Your Day Productive

Waking up in the morning is one of the most important stages of the day. How a person spends it has a lot of influence on his mood, productivity and success. Many of us don't even realize the importance of the first minutes after waking up. It is at this time that we tune the brain for efficiency and action during the day (or inactivity and passivity). That's why it's so important to think of pleasant morning rituals and try to stick to them.
Competent and positive attitude, turning into action, helps to cope with tension, stress and accumulated negative emotions. Any action in which you invest energy and give deep meaning can become a ritual. We are talking about 5 morning rituals that will help you get active and make your day productive.Autography

1. Think of a reason to wake up
 A good way to start your morning is to practice "surprise". Its essence is that a person plans something pleasant for himself in the morning from the evening. It can be treats waiting in the fridge, morning meditation, yoga, silence alone, reading a favorite book, going to a cafe for breakfast. It's much easier to get out of bed when something good is ahead.

2. Stand next to the window
 It is known that sunlight helps the body to produce melatonin and recharge with vigor. Just a few minutes spent near the window after waking up will help you get energy and a good mood for the whole day. Especially if with this ritual you can replace the mandatory viewing of the news feed, messages in messengers and work mail immediately after getting out of bed.
 If it is gloomy outside the window and it is raining, this is not a reason to be sad. Find your advantages and your pleasures at this moment: at such a time it is very nice to drink coffee and admire the view from the window, for example, as well as to make plans for the future and dream.

3. "Cancel" the negative

This is a simple and effective ritual that really works. It not only "removes" negativity from life, but also gives a sense of harmony and happiness. Cancel for yourself all negative thoughts and situations that may happen to you today. This can be done with conditional actions. For example, clicking your fingers is a kind of signal to the brain that helps tune in to success and productivity.Autography

4. Smile at yourself in the mirror
 When you get into the bathroom after waking up, be sure to smile at your reflection in the mirror. This simple step boosts your confidence. It seems that this ritual is so elementary that its effectiveness is questionable, but smiling at your reflection and "real" facial expression every day is not as easy as it seems. The essence of the technique is to find time for yourself and realize that you can "charge" your day yourself, with just a smile.

5. Praise yourself

 We all tend to be critical of ourselves, thereby underestimating our self-esteem and forgetting about our strengths and achievements, as a result of which the level of internal tension increases and the energy balance is disturbed. To avoid this, try to praise yourself for any, even insignificant, in your opinion, achievements. Each person has their own: for someone, getting up for a run at 5 in the morning is a victory, and for another, a few minutes without a smartphone in their hands after waking up.
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